Teamsters Local Union No. 261 was chartered by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters on September 1, 1936. It first made it’s mark as a truck drivers & helpers union, but when those members came into contact with thousands of workers in warehouses, factories, schools, offices, hospitals, local government and a host of others, they realized the fact that those workers could also benefit from the organized workforce environment.

If you are a member of the TEAMSTERS we are proud to stand by your side. If you are not and you believe the TEAMSTERS can help you get respect, better wages and benefits, check out the Organize page.


Mark Mrozek
President/Principal Officer

Mike Leckwart

Dave Alters
Business Agent

George Whippo
Vice President

Ron Sneed
Recording Secretary

Dave Alters

Bill Redfoot

Anthony Bruno



Brenda Carlo
Office Manager

Titan Operator



Who are the ones who will help you stand for your rights?

Mark Mrozek President & Principal Officer [email protected]
Mike Leckwart Secretary-Treasurer [email protected]
Dave Alters Business Agent [email protected]
Brenda Carlo  Office Manager  [email protected]
Titan Operator