Who are the members of Teamsters Local Union No. 261?

We are working men and women just like you. Teamsters Local 261 represents a variety of workers in Mercer, Lawrence and Beaver Counties in Western Pennsylvania, some of which include:

  • public employees
  • health care workers
  • various manufacturing industries
  • truck drivers and warehousemen
  • food service employees
  • maintenance employees
  • construction
  • paving and cement haulers
  • bakery
  • sales and delivery jobs

This Local Union is dedicated to fighting for good jobs and a better future for our members!

What are some of the reasons to form a Union in the workplace?

  • When a group of people contact the Local, they join together collectively for self-protection and for the advantage of negotiating as a united group – an activity which is protected by the N.L.R.B., instead of trying to make individual gains from the employer. In negotiations with the employer, you have a say and vote on your wages, terms and conditions of employment, and can challenge unfair and discriminatory employment practices in the workplace including unfair and arbitrary disciplinary action against yourself and your co-workers.
  • As a Teamster, you have a legally binding labor contract with the employer that guarantees rights and benefits that cannot be reduced or taken away to pay for ever increasing corporate bonuses.
  • As a Teamster Union member, you will gain the dignity and respect from the employer while on the job.
  • The Teamsters run the Union organization as an open democracy. As members, you elect a representative(s), also known as a Steward, from your co-workers who will act as the first line “go-to person” when an issues arise in the work place. This in-house representative plays a crucial role in not only the day to day activities but also will participate in all aspects of the contract negotiations.
  • Working side by side with Teamster officers, the entire union workforce is welcome to participate in the initial drafting of the contract proposals to the Company. As Teamster members, you will then elect from your co-workers the people who will be a part of the contract negotiating committee. This committee will work to fairly represent the needs and concerns of all the union members in the workplace.
  • When you join Teamsters Local Union 261, you have the affiliation, support and backing of our great International Brotherhood of Teamsters Organization and join with over 1.4 million working men and women across The United States of America and Canada who strive to protect jobs and tirelessly work to secure a safe work place.


  1. Are you satisfied with the way things are at your work place?
  2. Does your manager treat you with dignity and respect?
  3. Are you paid a fair wage for the skill and knowledge required for your job and fairly evaluated by your employer?
  4. Does your employer provide a fair benefit package including health care insurance and a real pension that you KNOW will be there at retirement age?
  5. If you answered NO to any of these questions, what are YOU willing to do about it?

If you are ready to take a positive step in improving your wages, benefits and working conditions, contact:

351 Northgate Circle, Suite A
New Castle, PA 16105

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.
Phone: (724) 658-5554 Ext 10
In PA : 1-800-942-0370